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Thank you so much for this it was really very helpful and informative! I 8767 d just scratched the surface of research for 8775 drag and drop 8776 and now feel much more prepared.

How To Design A Blog And Make It Look Pretty

A website is a collection of informational pages on the Internet. Creating a citation for your website in MLA format usually requires you to identify the website author, website title, website publisher, and the date you accessed the information. You'll also need to remember the date you used the website on your bibliography.
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WordPress Theme Generator - Yvo Schaap

Web design wise I just play around, though I look after several sites for myself and friends and I was looking for something like this after seeing a time limited offer for Genesis on Twitter.

Sections — HTML5

Each component I put on the page is configurable via the edit panels at the bottom of the screen. These allow me to adjust what is displayed (like in the content’s meta area) as well as how (font, size, color, etc).

i like your blog. because your blog is very informative. i get here some fantastic genesis themes tutorial. thanks for shearing all those posts with us.

The difference between static and dynamic is nothing more than live updates without having to go back to there server, correct? If so, that has nothing to do with building the site, it 8767 s more of a convenient way of publishing without having to access the server with every update and that 8767 s fine.

To correct for the complexity, the larger theme ecosystem became obsessed with standards. Like making sure a theme did things the WordPress way or always met 8775 best practices. 8776 The web industry as a whole also continues to obsess over and rely on build tools and frameworks, sometimes to a fault. They should solve technical hurdles for us. But do they? Sometimes they do at the expense of our customers. Make no mistake, I 8767 m not arguing against best practices or tools. We do the same thing. However, the status quo, even if it means well, can blind you to what 8767 s important.

When I checked into the skins that were comparable in design to the Genesis widgetized post and page feature, they didn 8767 t offer the flexibility that Genesis does. Also the slider they had included in the theme the comments I read on it people were having problems with it.

So while I can, and do, talk about long term impact til I am blue in the face, out of pocket cost is still KING in their minds and I do not feel that makes them any less serious about their blog or business.

8775 but due to a lack of active moderators, and only rare visits by Chris himself, it never seemed to be one that felt efficient – too many repeat questions were being asked, threads resurrected with non-related problems etc. 8776

Once upon a time, Sugarrae posted a detailed tutorial for how to add unique content to category pages now, this task can be accomplished from within the WordPress interface using the new Term Options that debuted in Thesis .

Been looking for an honest straight forward review between these two themes. Looks like this post have answered most of my questions. Good thing cause I was about to purchase something less desirable.

Despite the fact that your 959 page is a fundamental and important part of your site, you can 8767 t control its content with a typical WordPress installation.

I have been searching for months and months for a wp premium theme, but for one reason or another (maybe lack of understanding) cannot find everything I seem to need in one theme. I finally found the one that entices me most, but love the idea of creating my own to emulate it rather than using the theme with all the inevitable upgrade issues etc. etc. hence the research time dedicated to Thesis and Studio press.

Hi Chris,
loved your comparative analysis.
Yes like you i have tried Headway and IThemes previously almost two years back.
Yes headway was a disappointment for me.
Builder was i guess to make it completely customizable you have to purchase extra modules, raising the expenditure.
At one point i felt the word 8766 Drag and drop 8767 is probably a misnomer.
with time i got a hang on Genesis , well it 8767 s certainly not a 8766 Drag and Drop 8767 but one can almost make pretty much anything with Genesis [ with a little hard work though browsing through their forum and the extensive documentations.]
thanks and regards

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