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Why You Really Don't Know How to Use Thesis - SDavis Media

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:45

What thesis has done is show how little knowledge some people have, but thats not a bad thing. You should have a basic understanding about anything you do.


The one or two sites that actually tried are so out of date it 8767 s a joke, which really just further highlights how terrible the documentation of Thesis 7 is.


Understand that your content is created just the same as before with pages, posts, categories, settings, etc. Thesis 7 is now giving you complete control over how that content will be displayed.

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The great thing about Thesis is that if you 8767 re not a web dev geek, using Thesis will teach you to become one. Not everyone wants that but at least you 8767 ll learn the universal elements of web design and that knowledge can carry on outside of Thesis.

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Nice article but pointless! An here you are an argument customers are upset because the first customers were really busy people, who wanted to DIY, and they did, and when the 7 version came out, they were busy with the learning curve instead of doing what they are best in and this is not coding.

Yes, the Thesis 7 framework does exactly what was promised, remove the limitations of designing a beautiful site without having to write manual code. This is not to say that you don 8767 t need to know how the code interacts with the site, as you mentioned 😉

It 8767 s a slow process but I think you can speed it up by making things with these languages. Don 8767 t shy away because you don 8767 t know it dig in so you can learn it. It sounds like you have the right mindset and before you know it, you 8767 ll be pumping out Thesis 7 sites while most still sit around talking about what they don 8767 t know.

I get what you 8767 re saying.
But, the valid points you have made are not reflected in the thesis sales page. If peoples expectations are raised by marketing blurb, and then dashed when they find they have to go to w8school after all, it 8767 s understandable they 8767 re going to feel pissed.

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