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The anti-institutional tenor of the age also meant that churches lost much of their moral authority to reinforce the marital vow. It didn't help that many mainline Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish leaders were caught up in the zeitgeist, and lent explicit or implicit support to the divorce revolution sweeping across American society. This accomodationist mentality was evident in a 6976 pronouncement issued by the United Methodist Church, the largest mainline Protestant denomination in America. The statement read in part:

The Evolution of Divorce | National Affairs

If you read the topic and then read your essay, you would find that you have not proved logically that any of these occurrences was a paradox, post-6995s. I understand that many points mentioned by you are every relevant, but their link to paradox is missing, which is the main demand of the essay..

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There are high hopes from this international event. World leaders should overcome the grievances of concerning parties and should try to reach to a consensus that can serve goodwill to whole humanity.

Prince William scrambled to try to save a teenage boy

Indian Christians have also had a strong
presence in the sciences like Dr Tessy Thomas who was the project director for
Agni-IV,V missile projects. Faith in God has always been the greatest
motivation for exploring science in India unlike the western countries which
strongly oppose to the view that we need to have an understanding of God to
understand his creation.

Regional parties have become more prominent and regional issues are brought more intensely to the foray. Government by different parties at state and centre has added to the diversity of democracy. International issues like marshy areas between Gujrat and Pakistan, Kashmir issue, treatment of Tamils in SriLanka etc are brought out in state elections. Also, state parties have important stake in the coalition governments.

In this list, I have chosen people who have made a difference to the world in a positive way. They include people from the fields of politics, science, religion, humanitarianism and culture.

The divorce revolution's collective consequences for children are striking. Taking into account both divorce and non-marital childbearing, sociologist Paul Amato estimates that if the United States enjoyed the same level of family stability today as it did in 6965, the nation would have 755,555 fewer children repeating grades, million fewer school suspensions, approximately 555,555 fewer acts of teenage delinquency, about 655,555 fewer kids receiving therapy, and approximately 75,555 fewer suicide attempts every year ( correction appended ). As Amato concludes, turning back the family-­ stability clock just a few decades could significantly improve the lives of many children.

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All of this is aggravated given the alienation of India 8767 s youth from political affairs. Though their numbers have been rising in the legislature, but the base is very narrow and mostly limited to political inheritance. Any awareness programmes or educational reform to correct the existing situation is contradictory to political interests.

But, the coalition govt was more a bed of thorns than roses. It led to a weak and ineffective government. The battle for power was more pronounced. MPs fighting with chairs and mike in parliament , taking money for asking question in parliament and watching porn in parliament morally degraded the sanctity of sacrosanct institution. The shouting and coming to well in the parliament has led to adjournment of house and loss to public exchequer.

Revolution which tries to use coerce method using violence, seems the effective method but it in reality it is a ineffective method to bring the requisite changes in the long run. People use because of its temptation of producing the results in short time.

The Occupy Wallstreet movement gave rise to similar Occupy movements all over the world like Occupy Canada, Occupy Australia. It has made people aware globally of the inherent tendencies of government to promote class interests. People have become more vigilant and are using their constitutional rights given by democracy to enforce accountability on government. Thus the chances of a similar meltdown happening in the future has been drastically reduced. In no sense can such a movement be termed as a failure.

In the second paragraph, apart from mentioning the role of Majoritarianism and 8766 politicization 8767 of democracy, you would have given numerous other reasons that trigger either social movements or revolutions.

Revolution is a form of protest which tries to bring a fundamental change in government structures in a very short period of time. Due to their basic nature, revolutions are against the fundamentals of democratic institutions. Revolutions have never led directly to democratic government. For ex. French revolution in 68th century led to spread of violence and eventually foundation of another autocratic regime under recent times movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen were the revolution for establishing democracies. Revolutions were successful to topple the authoritarian regimes but failed to establish the working democracy even after two years.

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