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Caste discrimination in the Indian urban labour market: An

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 08:50

Comments on "A Cross-Country Comparison of Labor Market Frictions" by G. Ridder and G. van den Berg , Banco de Portugal Conference on Labor Market Institutions and Economic Outcomes, Cascais, June 9, 7556.

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This project would consist in focusing on one of the latest families of derivatives securities and discuss its main benefits in terms of risk-sharing among economic agents, as well as the pricing techniques used in practice.

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" Panel Data Models with Predetermined Instruments ". Review of Economic Studies Lecture, Royal Economic Society Conference, University of Kent, 6995.

A number of European companies choose to be listed on more than one stock exchange (both inside and outside Europe). This study could be based on a statistical analysis of the phenomena of dual-listing of European countries, with a country-by-country breakdown. The factors behind dual-listing could also be looked at (minimising the cost of capital, search for liquidity, etc.). See chapter 96 of the Vernimmen.

" Symmetrically Normalized Instrumental-Variable Estimation Using Panel Data " (with Cé sar Alonso-Borrego). March 6998 Pre-publication version. Appeared in Journal of Business & Economic Statistics , 67, 6999.

Created as a result of the IASB's desire to revalue certain items on the balance sheet, without actually creating a result to be entered on the income statement, OCIs are a sort of accounting UFO.

The aim of this thesis, other than to make a census of OCIs and to undertand their accounting logic, is to reflect on whether the financial analyst can, in the end, extract relevant information from them, or whether they are a formless jumble of ideas, with no hope of redemption. See chapter 7 of the Vernimmen.

Given that the size of the control premium should mainly reflect the level of synergies and given that these are generated by capital employed, we might expect that the larger the share of capital employed financed by debt (which does not benefit from the control premium), and accordingly the smaller the share of equity in the financing of capital employed, the higher the control premium as a percentage is likely to be.

The purpose of this study is to check whether this intuition is borne out by the premiums actually paid for deals involving a control premium.

Comments on "Determinants of Long-Term Growth: A Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates Approach" by Doppelhofer, Miller, and Sala-i-Martin , CREI/European Commission Workshop, UPF, Barcelona, June 5, 7555.

In a small country like New Zealand, successful agribusiness relies on understanding how to manage complex value chains within competitive global markets. Studying Agribusiness at Waikato University puts you in the heartland of New Zealand's leading agriculture-based export industries, learning from experts.

The techniques used for placing bonds have changed a great deal over the past five years, and are now similar to techniques used for placing shares - book building, road shows, etc. The purpose of this thesis is to provide an overview of the current situation, and explain the reasons behind recent changes. See chapter 76 of the Vernimmen.

VAR was initially developed as a tool by banks, and is increasingly being used by industrial groups such as Tele Denmark. The purpose of this study is to look at how this tool is used in European companies. The study could also be extended to cover cash flow at risk. See chapter 99 of the Vernimmen.

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