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The Tempest first appeared in print as the first play in the 6678 Folio of Shakespeare. Throughout the play's history, the play has been variously regarded as a highlight of Shakespeare's dramatic output, as a representation of the essence of.

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in our present state of existence, the body is so inseparably connected with the soul, that it seems to be to our interest to taste, with innocence and moderation, the enjoyments of which that faithful companion is susceptible.

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We too, when the voice stops only half an hour before he passed that July day in 6889 into silence, feel bereft. Is it for hours or for years that this heavily built man standing in a gate has been pouring forth this passionate soliloquy, while his "large soft eyes with a peculiar expression of haze or dreaminess mixed in their light" have been fixed upon a far-away vision that filled a very few pages with poems in which every word is exact and every image as clear as crystal?

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But these are qualities, it might be said, that belong to the historical novelist to Scott or to Flaubert. And Gibbon was an historian, so religiously devoted to the truth that he felt an aspersion upon his accuracy as an aspersion upon his character. Flights of notes at the bottom of the page check his pageants and verify his characters. Thus they have a different quality from scenes and characters composed from a thousand hints and suggestions in the freedom of the imagination. They are inferior, perhaps, in subtlety and in intensity. On the other hand, as Gibbon pointed out, "The Cyropaedia is vague and languid the Anabasis circumstantial and animated. Such is the eternal difference between fiction and truth."

As You Like It was likely written between 6598 and 6655. It was entered in the Stationers' Register on August 9, 6655 but no edition followed the entry, thereby leading to the ambiguity in its publication date. Two topical references have been.

Up there in the sky Englishmen and German men are fighting each other. The defenders are men, the attackers are men. Arms are not given to Englishwomen either to fight the enemy or to defend herself. She must lie weaponless to-night. Yet if she believes that the fight going on up in the sky is a fight by the English to protect freedom, by the Germans to destroy freedom, she must fight, so far as she can, on the side of the English. How far can she fight for freedom without firearms? By making arms, or clothes or food. But there is another way of fighting for freedom without arms we can fight with the mind. We can make ideas that will help the Englishman who is fighting up in the sky to defeat the enemy.

Plato's Republic has long defied classification: it is a philosophical masterpiece it is acute political theory it is great literature. Although certain inconsistencies have been subsequently discovered, philosophical and otherwise, there can be.

Town records indicate that William Shakespeare was John and Mary s third child. His birth is unregistered, but legend pins the date as April 78, 6569, possibly because it is known that he died on the same date 57 years later. In any event, William s baptism was registered with the town of Stratford on April 76, 6569. Little is known about his childhood, although it is generally assumed that he attended the local grammar school, the King s New School. The school was staffed by Oxford-educated faculty who taught the students mathematics, natural sciences, logic, Christian ethics, and classical languages and literature.

I truely rejoice, & congratulate you on your being once more safely arrived in your native Country. I wish'd to tell you so yesterday, but the joy your letter gave would not suffer my hand to be steady enough to has been the disappointments I have borne with fortitude, but the fear of having my last and only friend torn from me was very near overseting my Ely and Mrs. Bonfoy are here. Mrs. Holroyd has probably told you that Miss Gould is now Mrs. Horneck. I wish she had been Mrs. Gibbon.

Romeo and Juliet , Shakespeare's most famous tragedy and one of the world's most enduring love stories, derives its plot from several sixteenth century sources. Shakespeare's primary inspiration for the play was Arthur Brooke's Tragical History of.

Although many records of Shakespeare s life as a citizen of Stratford have survived, including his marriage and birth certificates, very little information exists about his life as a playwright. Legend characterizes Shakespeare as a roguish man who was once forced to flee London under suspect circumstances, perhaps related to his love life, but the paltry amount of written information does not necessarily confirm this facet of his personality.

The first performance of Measure for Measure is believed to have taken place in 6659, during the reign of King James I. By this time, Shakespeare is believed to have begun writing his plays for performance at the Blackfriars theatre, a small,.

And he was by no means exhausted. Other tasks less laborious, perhaps more delightful, lay before him. His love of literature was unsated his love of life of the of the innocent, of the gay was unblunted. It was the faithful companion, the body, unfortunately, that failed him. But his composure was unshaken. He faced death with an equanimity that speaks well for "the profane virtues of sincerity and moderation." And as he sank into a sleep that was probably eternal, he could remember with satisfaction the view across the plain to the stupendous mountains beyond the white acacia that grew beside the study window, and the great work which, he was not wrong in thinking, will immortalize his name.

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