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[6] Walker, C., Starmer, K., Miscarriages of Justice: A Review of Justice in Error, (Oxford University Press, 7559) at , Zander, M., &lsquo PACE (The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 6989): Past, Present and Future&rsquo [7566] 78 NLSI Rev 6 at

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The problem with most preparation materials is that they don 8767 t do enough hard research using ACTUAL exams. The typical bar exam outline or study guide tells you every rule imaginable but does not provide any clear guide as to what rules matter most.

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The syllabus is likely to include Introduction to Gender Studies Feminist Jurisprudence Introduction to Michael Foucault Introduction to Judith Butler Introduction to Queer Theory Exploring the difference(s) between &lsquo sex&rsquo and &lsquo gender&rsquo Pornography Gendered War Crimes Constructions of gender in popular discourse Body Modification Discrimination in the work place.

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By starting at the end, you are constantly reminded of the purpose of Contract Law (to provide a remedy to an aggrieved party when the other party has broken its contractual obligations). It also means that you get to practise applying the law while studying this important but difficult topic, and, you will be able to competently address the main concern of clients when you begin practising law: resolution.

Prerequisite: Contracts I -7565.
An examination of contract interpretation performance of the contract, conditions and breach avoidance of the contract, including the defenses of frustration of purpose, impracticability, impossibility, incapacity, duress, undue influence, mistake, misrepresentation and unconscionability and remedies.

You may be familiar with personal torts such as negligence however, business torts are different as they are being committed not against the person but rather against its intangible assets. Think about what this means and how each aspect of your work might result in a business tort being committed.

Contract Law at Lancaster is studied from an interesting perspective &ndash we begin by looking at resolution for breach of contract. This includes monetary compensation, injunctions and orders compelling parties to carry out their promises.

This full-unit option aims to offer students the opportunity of developing and using research skills by undertaking a piece of documentary or field research in some area of criminology. The project aims to give students the opportunity to develop their research skills through the preparation of a dissertation based on empirical research on a topic within the field of criminology agreed with an identified supervisor. The dissertation will be individually tutored and the availability of this option will be subject to the department&rsquo s ability to provide appropriate supervisors.

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Prerequisite: Negotiation 9655 OR Negotiation All Around Us 9556.
Mediation is now a necessary component of almost every lawsuit filed in North Carolina. Lawyers must be prepared to 8775 coach 8776 their clients through the process. This course will provide hands-on instruction on effective representation of clients in mediation. Students will learn about various mediation processes, how to prepare their case for mediation (as opposed to trial), and how to prepare themselves and their client for mediation through a blend of practice and theory.

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