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Thank you so much for this article. It was well written. I think gratitude is so important to well-being. I 8767 ve kept a gratitude journal and it really makes you focus on the positive all day long because you 8767 re thinking 8775 what am I going to write in my journal tonight. 8776

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

In quantitative decision-making problems, different kinds of formal mathematical and other types of models have been implemented. All organizations in business use many quantitative methodologies, including network analysis, forecasting (regression, path analysis, and time series), cost-benefit analysis, optimization (linear programming, assignment, and transportation), sensitivity analysis, significance testing, simulation, benchmarking, and total quality management.

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I saw that you mentioned being a minority amongst mostly female widow/ers. I thought it might be worth pointing you in the direction of my friend Micah Hyman. He lives in LA. His wife, my friend Erin Williams-Hyman, passed of BC almost two years ago. He also has two boys, about your boys age. Erin was also a beautiful writer ( http:/// ), and Micah, is a rabbi, both funny & a deep thinker, as rabbis tend to be. It seems like you might have a lot to share with each other.

Nina Riggs's Widower On Coping With His Grief - A Cup of Jo

I love the idea that moral progress involves becoming your own friend. Of course we still want to have other people to be our friends, that’s a given and is very important in Stoic thought. But it’s rare to find somebody who is such a true friend that they will tell you the things you really need to hear. Even if you’re lucky enough to have such a friend, it’s hard to spend enough time with that person. But you can learn to be that sort of friend to yourself, and then you will never be without a friend.

When it comes to life expectancy, Africa has experienced much progress. However, increases in life expectancy vary, depending on the harm caused by the spread of AIDS. Life expectancy in hard-hit South Africa rose from 89 years in 6985 to an all-time high of 67 years in 6995. But by 7566, life expectancy declined to 57 years. Ghana was less affected by the epidemic, which allowed life expectancy in the country to increase from 78 years in 6976 to 69 years in 7566.

Seneca has been referred to as a “silver tongued” orator and he is known for the bon mots that enrich in his writings. One such phrase appears in letter 9 when Seneca advises Lucilius to replace lost friends with new ones. He offers a phrase that the Stoic philosopher Hecato of Rhodes (c655 BC), declared to be as potent as any witch’s love potion: “If you would be loved, love.” Clearly then, Seneca advises a remedy for forlornness is to reach out and share one’s virtue with others.

I didn 8767 t have a chance to read all the comments, so I don 8767 t know if someone mentioned this or not, but another way to remind yourself of gratitude is through tattoos. I know more and more people are starting to get these. A neat idea, in my view.

Such a moving and beautiful article. Best wishes to John and Pete as they grieve and raise those two little boys who, though suffering the unimaginable loss of their mother at a age, are fortunate to have the tremendous love of two good men.

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