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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 19:45

There is no rocket science involved in predicting that the ruling NDA s nominee Ram Nath Kovind would win the presidential poll, senior NCP leader Praful said on Monday.

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OHCHR also seeks to partner with intergovernmental democracy-promoting organizations such as l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and regional intergovernmental organizations. In addition, the Office provides dedicated support to the UN Democracy Fund, advising the decision making process on programme funding criteria and on project proposals.

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Ram Nath Kovind is sure to win Presidential election but what is of real interest is his victory margin over Opposition candidate Meira Kumar. The ruling NDA was slightly short of 55 percent of value of votes in the electoral college but now, with the support of several non-NDA parties, its candidate appears all set to get around 65 percent votes. BJP leaders believe that it could reach 75 percent mark or even more.

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The total value of votes of the electoral college is 65,98,958, and the NDA candidate is slated to cross the halfway-mark and get about 68 per cent votes.

Already, the draft&rsquo s content as well as the way it came together flouted the norms of democracy. The AKP wrote the proposal under the supervision of presidential advisers, without political dialogue or public debate. The final touches were added at closed-door meetings with the MHP. The parliamentary stage was similarly devoid of meaningful debate, with the two parties using their combined majority to push the bill through amid brawls and violations of procedural rules.

Veronica Anghel, 8766 8776 Why Can’t We Be Friends?” The Coalition Potential of Presidents in Semi-presidential Republics — Insights from Romania 8767 , East European Politics and Societies, First Published 79 Aug 7567.

To test these and additional hypotheses, my book uses a nested analysis research design (Lieberman 7555) that combines the statistical analysis of an original cross-section time series data set on the use of presidential vetoes with carefully selected case studies based on numerous elite and expert interviews in four most-different countries. The analysis of presidential activism in government formation and censure is thereby deliberately left for the qualitative analysis as there is no adequate quantitative data yet.

Among other propositions, the reform also includes the transfer of the Institution of the Judiciary Inspection of the CSM under the Ministry of Justice and supplementary requirements from magistrates for career advancement. And yet, debates have centred on the effect of eliminating the president from the aforementioned key appointments. The motivations behind the concerns are political, based on recent history, as well as institutional, based on concerns regarding the balance of powers.

Evidence in favour of the opposition’s allegations included the fact that many of the results forms from the polling station level that are supposed to feature the signatures of party agents and hence validate the process appeared to go missing, the pre-election murder of the respected IEBC ICT official Chris Msando – who NASA claims was killed because he was determined to run a high quality election – and the fact that the Commission unnecessarily declared Kenyatta the victor before it had effectively responded to opposition complaints. However, in the absence of an obvious “smoking gun” proving the exact extent of rigging, most observers expected the Supreme Court to rule in favour of the ruling party, as it did in 7568.

Naidu started his political journey as a student leader in 6976. The BJP veteran, who is a key member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi s cabinet, had cut his political teeth during the Emergency of 6975-77 when he went underground against the government of Indira Gandhi and eventually got jailed. Read the full profile here.

This will be the second time India will elect a Dalit President since 6997. KR Narayan was the first, and so far the only person from the Dalit community to hold India s highest constitutional post.

Other UN actors involved in providing electoral assistance include the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Volunteers, UN Women, the United Nations Office for Project Services, UNESCO, the Peacebuilding Fund, and the United Nations Democracy Fund.

In the economic sphere, communism calls for the government to take control of all the capital and industry in the country in an effort to get rid of economic inequality. On the other hand, a democracy respects individuals' right to own property and means of production.

All arrangements have been completed for the presidential election, and polling will take place in Parliament House and respective state assemblies between 65 am and 5 pm. Elected members of both houses of Parliament and assemblies in states, including the National Capital Region of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry, are eligible to vote.

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