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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 15:23

This article presents three case studies of elementary students with learning disabilities whose behavior interfered with the quantity and quality of their classroom instruction. In each case, interventions involved teaching and reinforcing specific replacement behaviors that were identified through functional behavioral assessment.

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The slides show essential features of SWPBS and RtI. The content includes SWPBS overview, implementation examples, prevention & supports for identified and as-risk students, Maryland PBS case examples, small group intervention, individual support, and Rtl.

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A Spanish version of sample letter to parents for PBS program. The letter explains schoolwide expectations and school rules for safe environment to Arvada middle school parents in Colorado.

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The presentation focused on critical features of components to embed bully proofing into school-wide positive behavior support. The goals of the presentation were 6) defining a set of core features for Bully Proofing, 7) defining how to embed Bully Proofing into existing School-wide Expectations, and 8) providing current update from one research effort.

The purpose of this book is to describe a targeted system of positive behavior support called the Behavior Education Program (BEP): what it is, how it works, who can benefit from it, and how it is implemented in a school.

There are approximately 755 Psychological & Psychiatric associations globally which deals with various Psychological & Psychiatric disorders. Few of them are:

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A book chapter in the book "Effective interventions for classrooms, schools, and communities: Making a difference in the lives of students with learning and behavioral problems."

General overview of SWPBS. The presentation provides 6) rationale, context, & features of SWPBS, 7) implementation practices, structures, & processes, 8) outcomes & examples, and 9) brief activities & team action planning.

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