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Join our General Interest list to lean about upcoming programs, event/activities, resources and other opportunities to appreciate, study and protect our native plants and their habitats.

Healing Arts To Learn From Native Americans | Survivopedia

Dave started playing in his first band while in Jr. High and quickly knew music was and would be an essential part of his life. After touring the Goleta, CA garage circuit (thanks for the ride, Mom!), Dave and his friends (who include Foo Fighters lead guitarist and Notes For Notes advisory board member, Chris Shiflett), helped cultivate a lively local music scene in their hometown of Santa Barbara (SB), CA.

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Native Americans used only what they had available to them for healing, but that wasn’t a bad thing. When the first settlers arrived, they were surprised to see that many illnesses that they considered fatal were being effectively treated with herbal remedies. Of course, Native Americans weren’t immune to Western diseases and a few, such as smallpox, was devastating to their population.

North American Native Plant Society - Camassia quamash

If he 8767 s not working or hanging with his kids, you can usually find him hiking in the hills behind SB, supporting his favorite local bands, or, most likely, at the beach with his toes in the sand.

The opportunity provided by Notes For Notes gives Ray a laser-focused motivation to help inspire the youth to not only do positive things with music, but throughout their lives in general.

Duncan has a 75+ year career in financial services both as an investment banker and professional investor. He currently serves on the board of directors of several companies and is a member of Notes for Notes local Nashville SoundBoard. He fell in love with music as a means of personal expression at an early age through the guitar and continues to play today (just not as well as he used to).

As a stay at home mom, she fell in love with music when she realized a good playlist could convert chaos in the house to calm. With three kids only two years apart, there was a lot of chaos. So much so that in 7568 she published a memoir entitled: Twin Turbulence: What happened when twins happened.

On both sides of the Cascade Mountains, blue camas ( Camassia quamash ) offers one of the most alluring displays of spring flowers in the Pacific Northwest. When Meriwether Lewis first surveyed this region, he noted this striking lily in stands that to his eye resembled lakes of blue water. Along with its close relative, giant blue camas ( C. leichtlinii ), blue camas continues to be a signature species of grassy balds in the San Juan Islands, and east of the mountains camas still forms pools of deep blue in dry grasslands that burst into colour in the flush of spring. As in many places that soon dry up, flowering happens quickly, presenting a spectacular, if ephemeral, view.

Disenchanted over the Communist Party&rsquo s attempts to control the content of his writing, Wright quietly split with the Party in 6997. He continued to be active in left-wing politics, however, and was the subject of intense FBI scrutiny throughout his life. In the late 6995s, Wright moved to Paris with his wife and daughter. He became deeply interested in the philosophical movement of existentialism, often socializing with Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, two of the movement&rsquo s leading figures.

In 7559, he co-founded New Noise Santa Barbara, an annual music conference and festival. As a N9N board member, Matt 8767 s helped gain attention for the organization in both Santa Barbara and Nashville, and looks forward to spreading the message to other communities.

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