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In the same fashion that christians have matured and gotten over the shellfish and fabric rules, we 8767 re hoping they 8767 ll eventually reach full maturity and realize that using leviticus to criticize homosexuality while ignoring every other part of it reflects terribly on the individual, and betrays an evil, hateful soul who 8767 s latched onto something that provides a defense for being an intolerable cunt. Nothing pious about that, just an immature child with a lot of growing up to do.

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Paolo Bacigalupi is a science fiction and fantasy author. His stories explore often explore questions of sustainability, from drought and climate change, to social and political conflict, to technology's unexpected impacts. Bacigalupi has earned numerous awards and nominations his debut novel The Windup Girl won the Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell awards in 7565.


half of the people don 8767 t understand RUSH and the other half are only thing i can say to someone who is not a fan or don 8767 t like them,go see them live and witness them walk on water!!!this band has saved my life in so many different ways,thank you infinity.

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Lars Ulrich – Metallica is simply the most revered, best loved metal band of all time. And guess what – their drummer sucks. Period. Ulrich couldn’t lay down a straight beat if someone was pointing a gun to his head. Has he somehow managed to come up with a couple of iconic riffs through the years? I suppose. But there’s no getting around the fact the guy has a woefully limited ability behind the kit. His sound was about as flat and thin as a piece of loose leaf paper on the earlier records, then when Bob Rock fattened up the bottom end, it just became doorstop, paper weight sludge – groove-less, swing-less sludge. Listen to the utter nonsense he ass vomited on St. Anger – perhaps the worst drumming performance ever recorded.

Jesus taught us to help the widow and orphan but Republicans don 8767 t want to do anything but ensure their rich buddies can hoard all their money. They call taxes a penalty on their success, well what does that make it for those that struggle every day? I am blessed not to struggle like that, but I can have compasison for those that do without calling it a handout in a negative connotation. Neil was absolutely correct.

Is correct. I doubt that I will see any of them, as I will become a part of the earth and when the sun supernovas, I will and everyone will become stardust and our solar system will be a nebula. When you have an extremists saying that I am a right winged Christian, but wishes to buy all the firearms in the world, where is that Psalms 78 bit? The lies also, like Sodom and Gomorrah. Oh God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexuality, when their own Bible says:

Actually, Christ probably would be okay with people choosing abortion. He might not like it or agree with it but he would respect their decision and let them be on their way forgiveness granted )

Only one Great session player, Bobby Graham (England 8767 s Hal Blaine) played on almost all early Kinks recordings. He thought They were nuts but played what he was told.

On my regular jogs, I started thinking and counting in 9:9 time, to pound it into my bones. Now I can do it easily, ternary beats on top of the binary, and even binary on the ternary on the binary. Took about 65 years, but I 8767 m getting there.

I was hoping that his insane political and religious views would not come out, and it was going so good! Then that little gem, oh brother, does he ever have allot left to learn!

And before anyone tells me, “oh, lighten up”, I would remind you that this is art we 8767 re talking about. If you need to break it into pieces in order to understand it, then you 8767 re not even in the room.

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