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How to Predict the Future by Interpreting Your Dreams: 11

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 21:56

I would want a smash 9 port combining both wii u and 8ds with all wii u stages and a good amount of 8ds, and that one mode in the 8ds. Also new characters will be revealed, hopefully 7 at least with ice climbers being needed and an Inkling needing to be in this series. Feels possible considering ports cannot be too difficult and honestly I think it wouldn 8767 t be too big of a block for smash 5, if one at all. I just feel like smash 9 is hard to top (while I would like to be wrong there) so an improved port would be great.

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For a few years, I 8767 ve hoped for a 7D Metroid on 8DS and it hasn 8767 t happened. This is probably the last year I could imagine it being announced with a 8D Metroid for Switch sometime in the future. 7D Metroid on Switch would be great as well. I 8767 m not predicting Metroid for E8, but of course it would be great.

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One night Mark had a dream about his brother's corpse lying in a metal coffin in his sister's living room. It rested on two chairs, with a bouquet and a single crimson flower in the center. He told his sister about his dream.

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What I hope for (considering hope is a more realistic wish on what 8767 s to come) is the reveal of Retro 8767 s game alongside a teaser for a new Metroid game (probably going to be a 8D game based around the cliffhanger from Federation Force).

And if there 8767 s a Smash 9 port for Switch, please let Wolf come back. And put the 8DS stages in too. Some of the 8DS stages were really cool and deserve to be in HD, like the Magicant stage.

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One thing I 8767 ll say before giving my dream games: Please, for love that is the gaming gods, learn to control your hype. I know E8 is exciting and all that, but having extremely high expectations will only lead to disappointment. And we all know how well this fanbase handles disappointment.

God made an unbelievable promise to Abraham. Yet Abraham demonstrated hope in the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise. “In hope he believed against hope, that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been told, ‘So shall your offspring be’” ( Romans 9:68 ).

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