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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 02:17

And you think that the same does not also apply to men and 8775 non-minorities 8776 who receive the same? Do you really think that? Or are you just asserting it because the claim supports your narrative?

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A very complex book. It is not a simple political statement in novel-form, like *The Jungle*. I hate HH, feel bad for Delores while hating the way she turns out, and yet still love the book,

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I was just pointing out what while this isn 8767 t a 8775 white guys sez 8776 phenomenon, it seemed quite convenient for the author to frame it as such.

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What a clever ploy, tell me how I feel and what I want, a technique discussed and heavily critisized in much feminist literature. It is ironic that a feminist should try such a ploy.

You say it is impossible to micro-agress white males. I respectfully disagree and view micro-aggressions as being able to apply to anyone. For instance if I was at a liberal arts college in a women studies course would a white male still be the dominant culture? Doubtful, I have a feeling a mixed race women would be the cultural ideal in that setting and that micro-agressions could certainly take place against white males.

8775 Any woman who is in the public eye gets her appearance nitpicked from head to toe, and whole industries are devoted to criticizing female celebrities 8767 fashion choices. 8776

Then next time use your own brain and don 8767 t waste my time with inane questions. One would think a communications major (you did take in SCHOOL, right?) would be able to ask and answer on their own.

8775 And so now you 8767 re saying a secret cabal of feminists were trying to get UCL to fire him without coming out and saying so? Give me a frigging break. 8776

This is a bit of a problem though since feminists have hijacked our public dialogue about gender while anybody who disagrees is accused of hatred of women, predation, and criminality. They did this because they keep talking about justice and equality, even when both of us apparently can agree that it has nothing to do with either.

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