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The phenomenology and development of social perspectives

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 05:34

Again, I think the business community, religious groups, and civil society organizations do not need to wait for government to take the initiative. There is a lot of work to be done envisioning, designing, and planning such a transportation system. This work provides an excellent tool for educating your and building the necessary political movement to make this vision a reality.

Ambiguity, Cognition, Learning, Teaching, and Design

The fragility and complete cowardice of academics is really amazing. It is one thing to roll over to Muslim fanatics who will come and murder you. But to roll over to these screaming idiots is just amazing. What exactly are they going to do? Call you a racist? They call everyone a racist. It is what they do.

Aux quatre saisons

As for differential equations, that 8767 s complete and utter idiocy. I assume you are being sarcastic. Why would differential equations be a proper formalism to model decision making processes? Are you truly unaware of the existing models of institutional decision making, such as that of Herbert Simon?

Graphic Somatography: Life Writing, Comics, and the Ethics

Only a man would say that the body doesn 8767 t matter. You have the luxury of your body not mattering. Women do not. Hence their offence at being told that males feel like them cuz makeup, perfume, frilly frocks, etc. This is tantamount to any white person saying the same about feeling black because of sports, watermelon and chicken.

When I went to engineering school, a while back, the school openly bragged that they flunked out a quarter of the class, every year. This was their measure of success. If you got through the program, you were capable.

But that points out your problem: you 8767 re so committed to your idiotic and completely ignorant views that you 8767 re forced to support them with more ignorance.

We might apply the same analysis to the problems of corruption endemic in this society. I see no way of accomplishing that “agonizingly uphill task” of professionalizing law enforcement and stamping out corruption without the full power of Buddhism and other religious groups, both clergy and laity, leading the way.

It is important to mix some Machiavelli with our Gandhi and think hard and realistically about the situation in Sri Lanka today. We need realism and idealism in equal measures. From my reading of the history and the press and my limited conversations here, I am inclined to believe that there is not much purpose in negotiating with Prabhakaran, except of course in the sense that Karl von Clausewitz meant when he famously observed that war is “a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means.”

If you have any interest in actually engaging my argument, I 8767 d be interested in hearing what you have to say. Otherwise, I 8767 ve clarified my meaning so returning to the etymology of the words at play will be irrelevant and an obvious tell that you 8767 re not interested in a serious discussion of the issue.

Devolution of the government should not lead to more government bureaucracies, God forbid, but less government all around. Devolution should be about privatizing many government services and employees. Note that the question of good governance is directly related to political economy. Sri Lanka made some critical mistakes in creating a bloated, now inefficient, and overly centralized and paternalistic public sector. You were not alone in this. The question now is how do you recreate your economy such that economic complexity and wealth emerge from the bottom-up through the distributed talents and exertions of your citizens.

Do unemployed welders make more than line cooks at McDonalds? Do sharks ever stop moving? Is Guardians of the Galaxy 7 better than Guardians of the Galaxy 6? Is Cday886 being willfully obtuse, or is an involuntary reflex? These are questions we may never have the answer to.

The academic left are totalitarians in the truest sense of the word. For them every aspect of life up to and including reality itself is dictated by politics. If facts, observation and reason contradict politics, then they must be ignored. Politics always wins. And currently, politics dictates that one can be transgender but somehow cannot be transracial. Tuvel 8767 s facts and logic are to the totalitarians who inhabit the academic left nothing but bourgeois justifications for oppression. For them, politics dictates reality.

You can write statistical policy papers re: media bias and 8775 speak up 8776 about a problem (policy fight, dialectic, no remedy). Or you can destroy an opponent 8767 s legitimacy with the widely distributed words 8775 Fake News 8776 (status/outgrouping fight, rhetoric, taking away media 8767 s ability to influence is the goal and means are connected to ends). Both approaches have been tried re: the media. Regardless of what you think of the issue, which approach had more observed impact?

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